Gutter Cleaning

It is normal for dirt to accumulate in the gutters, such as leaves, sand and kite, for example, and due to the action of the wind, all this dirt ends up getting stuck in the gutter channels.

And in the rainy season, it generates clogging, thus preventing the passage of water.

This is precisely why it is so important, as the water accumulated in the gutter can cause various damages to the property, including compromising its entire structure.

And not to mention infiltrations, and when coming into contact with the electrical network, it can cause a short circuit and, at worst, fire.

Another point worth mentioning is that standing water in the gutters can attract insects, such as the dengue mosquito.

And by cleaning the gutters regularly, you also prevent them from rotting and giving off a bad smell.

Did you understand now the importance of gutter cleaning?

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