It is quite common that the cleaning of gutters and roofs does not occur at the right frequency, since the dirt is not within reach of the eyes. However, this maintenance is extremely important for the comfort of those who use the place, the safety of the building, and even to save money, since cleaning provides greater durability of materials.

However, it is worth noting that the periodicity with which maintenance must be carried out varies according to the location of the house, due to factors such as afforestation, humidity and storm index. It is good to know this, because it is important to carry out specific planning for each property.

In the gutters, the intense rain and the accumulation of leaves contribute to the wear of the building and to the formation of mold. This can cause respiratory diseases or infections due to fungi. But in addition, these factors also provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other urban pests.

It wouldn't do any good to fuse the house and not keep the gutters in order. That is, more than benefiting the health of residents or users of the property, and enabling savings with maintenance services, the cleaning of the gutters is consistent with the concern that every citizen should have regarding the prevention of diseases such as dengue.

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